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Multimedia Artist


LEO ALAS is a contemporary artist exploring themes around care work and grief, through a Marxist-Feminist lens. The work contemplates where care exists in family structures, at work, who performs care, and who receives care. By incorporating indigo dye and other hand processes, LEO creates historic and symbolic connections to labor practices. Through performance, LEO places the body in dialogue with love, economics, and the failure of gender systems. Their work journeys into world building and Queer political imagination, exploring what is possible, what is potent, and what is beautiful, in an effort to find healing and joy in late-stage capitalism. 

LEO studied Fine Arts at the University of California, Santa Cruz. In 2017, LEO was a featured artist on the Sociological Research Project, “Working for Dignity” where their Working Women series was showcased in the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History. In 2021, they were chosen as LA's Feminist Idol through the Feminist Center for Creative Work for their Grief Bath zine. Currently, LEO is attending Otis School of Art and Design in pursuit of an MFA with a Concentration in Art + Social Practice. LEO is also currently an artist-in-residence at Level Ground Co.