The research behind BATH explores how we heal from trauma, how our bodies respond to grief, and how/when we politicize our grief and create action. The study defines grief broadly to include death and any other kind of loss/pain we experience ourselves and within our communities. Shifting the focus of care from self to community, the project brings together a multitude of experiences to design much needed community care rituals in a time where we are forced to manage grief in isolated spaces.

The first phase of this project will showcase the results of a community survey and focus group. The proposal was a Jury selected winner of LA's Feminist Idol through the Women's Center for Creative Work and is being showcased through the Music Center of LA website.

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"BATH: a queer community data driven manifesto" is a gentle exploration of community grief in a time of social isolation. The zine features the results of a Queer focused 100-person survey around experiences of loss, community, and healing and features stories from participants, data and writing. The objective of this research is to inform new care rituals that shift discourse from self to community.